Because lunch...

Hi Friends! Happy Tuesday! We have some exciting news 

We are ROLLING out a lunch menu!

That's right, after a year and a half of everyone asking, "Do you serve lunch?" and us barking back, "NO, JIMMY JOHNS IS RIGHT NEXT DOOR-WE ARE A *speciality* CHEESE STORE", we have decided to take the plunge.

We are proud to offer our customers a low cost, different, and delicious lunch option to the Downtown Petoskey area. Now, we're not ready to take on sandwiches but we hope you find our limited (and rotating!) menu as charming and tasty as we do. 

Inspired by what the staff eats on a daily basis, (bread + cheese + greens) we are excited to present: lunch

Our Taleggio Toast

Our Taleggio Toast


Cheese Plate: $10 

daily selection

Toast: $6 

french bread, taleggio, roasted red peppers, local & organic microgreens

+salami $1

Raclette: $10

french bread, salami, pickles, sloshes of Raclette cheese

Greens: $6 

local & organic microgreens, marcona almonds, Bulgarian feta, dried cherries, mustard vinaigrette 

We surely hope you'll come join us for lunch! 


See you soon!